Your Digital Piggy-bank,


Your Digital Piggy-bank,


How It Works

1. Register

2. Setup Profile

3. Start Saving

How It Works

1. Register

2. Setup Profile

3. Start Saving

Piggy-bank Features


Become a tech-savvy saver. Automatically convert and save your money in cryptocurrencies.


Choose a package which suits your investment style or simply "mix-and-match" and build your custom package!


Zero conversion and deposit fees. Only 1.5% coin withdrawal fees & 3% fiat withdrawal fees.


Lock your savings for a specified period of time to prevent yourself from using the savings.


Your USD saved amounts will always be guaranteed no matter how low your portfolio value goes.


Save on a monthly recurring basis by subscribing or save a custom amount once on-the-fly.

Supported Coins

bitcoinBitcoin (BTC)
$ 8,072.00
ethereumEthereum (ETH)
$ 258.87
litecoinLitecoin (LTC)
$ 94.95
tronTRON (TRX)
$ 0.028472
moneroMonero (XMR)
$ 87.42
dashDash (DASH)
$ 162.63
neoNEO (NEO)
$ 11.62
nemNEM (XEM)
$ 0.093519
zcashZcash (ZEC)
$ 77.30
wavesWaves (WAVES)
$ 2.50
liskLisk (LSK)
$ 2.05
komodoKomodo (KMD)
$ 1.16
stratisStratis (STRAT)
$ 0.905357
digibyteDigiByte (DGB)
$ 0.013165
cointoroxCointorox (OROX)
$ 0.041153

Supported Coins

$ 8,072.0010.13%
$ 258.878.75%
$ 94.958.09%
$ 0.0284725.22%
$ 87.428.6%
$ 162.6312.01%
$ 11.626.74%
$ 0.0935195.69%
$ 77.305.71%
$ 2.503.83%
$ 2.056.42%
$ 1.161.97%
$ 0.9053573.98%
$ 0.0131654.06%
$ 0.04115310.47%



Cautious Approach
  • Savings Converted as:
  • 45% Bitcoin
  • 45% Ethereum
  • 10% OROX

Sustainable 5

5 Sustainable Coins
  • Savings Converted as:
  • 22.5% Bitcoin
  • 22.5% Ethereum
  • 22.5% Litecoin
  • 22.5% Monero
  • 10% OROX

Sustainable 10

10 Sustainable Coins
  • Savings Converted as:
  • 10% Bitcoin
  • 10% Dash
  • 10% Ethereum
  • 10% Litecoin
  • 10% Tron
  • 10% Waves
  • 10% Nem (XEM)
  • 10% Monero
  • 10% ZCash
  • 10% OROX


10 Emerging Coins
  • Savings Converted as:.
  • 10% DigiByte
  • 10% Komodo
  • 10% Lisk
  • 10% NEO
  • 10% Stratis
  • 10% Tron
  • 10% NEM (XEM)
  • 10% Monero
  • 10% ZCash
  • 10% OROX


Customized Package
  • Savings Converted as:
  • 90% You Decide!
  • 10% OROX
Start Saving

Cointorox Ecosystem

Use Cases of Cointorox Token (OROX)

Digital Piggy-bank

Save your money digitally and convert them automatically into top-tier cryptocurrencies. Save once or as a monthly subscription!

Cointorox Airdrop Central

Airdrops directory where users can submit and join airdrop campaigns for free. Featuring exclusive airdrops for OROX holders!

Blockchain Games

Games built on the Ethereum Blockchain, fuelled by Cointorox Token (OROX) for users to earn and spend their OROX savings.

Marketplace for users to buy & sell everything with cryptocurrencies. Over 20+ cryptocurrencies supported including Cointorox (OROX)

Browser based decentralized wallet with p2p exchange (atomic swap) supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and ERC tokens

Cointorox (OROX) and ERC tokens savings faucet for users to grow their OROX savings as well as claim some free popular ERC tokens



What is Cointorox?

Cointorox is a digital piggy-bank allowing users to easily jump into the world of cryptocurrencies. Whenever a user purchases the ‘Savings Packages’ on a monthly basis or as a one-off payment, their savings are automatically converted and stored as cryptocurrencies. Users can request to withdraw their savings in USD or coins (exported as wallet private keys).

What is Cointorox Token (OROX)?

Cointorox Token (OROX) is an ERC20 standard token which is primarily used on the Cointorox Ecosystem platforms. OROX is used to activate/deactivate features within the piggy-bank, as a form of payment and loyalty points on Marketplace, as a form of Trust Points and Listing Fees on, as a form of in-game currencies and points for Blockchain Games coming soon, as a base token to airdrop other tokens on airdrop central, and many more. Revenues earned as such on these platforms are used to buy back and burn/permanently destroy OROX, guaranteeing a continuously decreasing total supply.

OROX Token Details (Token Contract Address, Decimals, Recommended Wallets)

Token Contract Address: 0x1c5b760f133220855340003b43cc9113ec494823
Decimals: 18
Recommended Wallets: (Mobile) Trust Wallet, (Desktop) MetaMask
Blockchain Explorer: EtherScan & EthPlorer

What are the main features of Cointorox?

Lock-in Feature: Users can lock their funds for a period of 30 days by purchasing the lock-in feature with OROX. This feature is used to prevent users from breaking their own savings and to further protect their accounts from potential thefts.

Insurance Feature: Users can activate the insurance feature with OROX. This feature lasts for 30 days upon activation and can be re-activated at any time. By activating Insurance, a user’s initially saved USD amounts are always guaranteed during a fiat withdrawal. This means no matter how low the user’s coin portfolio values are at time of fiat withdrawal, the user will get back the exact amounts saved in USD when he/she decides to ‘sell all & withdraw USD’. MORE INFO

Sell All & Withdraw USD: Users can simply sell all of his/her coin holdings and withdraw savings in USD. When a user sells all of his/her coin holdings, they are converted at the exact market price(s) at time of conversion – no hidden fees guaranteed. USD withdrawals can be made via Bank Transfer or PayPal and the fees are 3%. Please note that OROX cannot be converted & withdrawn in USD. OROX must be converted/exchanged with other users via the in-app exchange available on the dashboard.

Withdraw Coins: Users can withdraw their coin holdings at any time they wish to do so. Withdrawal fees for coins are 1.5% + Standard TX Fees.

Why should users buy 'Savings Packages' instead of buying coin individually?

  • Users can save time on registering on various exchanges
  • Users can save time on researching good & sustainable projects
  • Users can directly acquire top-tier cryptocurrencies easily in a single purchase
  • Users can setup monthly subscriptions to acquire cryptocurrencies
  • Users can save their money digitally and keep track of their total savings and withdrawals
  • Users can save their money flexibly by making one-time payments or subscribing to a monthly plan which can be cancelled and modified at all times
  • Users can avoid the volatile markets and only enjoy making profits with the Insurance Feature
  • Users can lock their savings to prevent themselves from using them
  • Zero card processing fees & deposit fees

How can I start using Cointorox?

It’s simple.

1. Register an account
2. Setup your profile
3. Select your savings package (one-time? or monthly?)
4. Start saving!

How are savings automatically converted?

When a user saves money on Cointorox, his/her savings are automatically converted into cryptocurrencies. Conversion rates are guaranteed to match the market price(s) at time of conversion. Users will receive a ‘fund transfer notification’ email when the conversion has been completed. This conversion usually takes between 15 minutes to a few hours, depending on the conversion amounts.

How are the funds secured?

Cointorox has implemented industry-standard security features to better protect and store your data, including your funds.
It must be noted that any funds you convert, send, and receive via your account are reflected as mere data on the platform. These data represent your funds and no actual money or coins are stored on the server. All coins are safely stored in hot (30%) and cold (70%) wallets.

Hot wallets are funds ready for immediate withdrawals. All withdrawals do go under manual check by the withdrawal team (on standby 24/7). Withdrawal requests with amounts lower than those available in our hot wallets will be withdrawn almost instantly.

However, if your withdrawal funds are large and it requires more funds from our cold (offline) wallets, our withdrawal team will manually check and send funds to you within a few hours. All withdrawals are manually checked and approved by our withdrawals team who are on 24/7 standby.

All data will be encrypted and stored in multiple different servers with 3 different live data back-up systems. Additionally, when a user purchases a savings package & savings get converted into coins, the user also receives coin addresses to allow them to publicly track their funds on each respective coin’s blockchain explorer.

General Inquiries

[email protected]

Business Inquiries

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