Complete KYC


KYC process is compulsory for all members who wish to withdraw tokens out of the platform.

1. Prepare a Passport OR National ID OR Driver's License

These documents must be in English or have been translated by officially recognised authorities involved (e.g. Apostille Certification). The photo copies of these document SHOULD NOT BE DIGITALLY ALTERED. You can cover your security number / national ID number / passport number but you cannot digitally alter or modify any other parts of the image/copy.

2. Photo of You Holding Primary Document + a piece of paper with the texts 'FOR COINTOROX'

3. Email [email protected]


– Full Name
– Date of Birth
– Nationality
– Your Cointorox Username or Email
– Attachments: as outlined above

4. Click on 'WITHDRAW OROX' on the 'DASHBOARD PAGE' after 24 hours

If you have been verified, you will be able to load the ‘withdraw orox’ page available on the DASHBOARD