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Executive Summary

The exponential growth of cryptocurrencies ever since its creation in 2009 has brought the industry to stand at over $150 billion in terms of market capitalisation. While growth has been significant, it is certainly not impressive when compared to stock markets such as the S&P 500 index — which represents only a fraction of the stock market — ultimately implying that there exists a significant room for considerable growth.

Cryptocurrencies are considered as the digital money for the tech-savvy. Users are required to understand the complex technology supporting it — blockchain — while staying up-to-date with the whole industry becomes a necessary practice, considering the volatility of the market.

On average, it takes users two-three days to purchase a cryptocurrency via local online exchanges supporting fiat deposits such as USD. The ‘average time taken’ here includes the time taken for identification verifications and bank transfers. There are services which allow users to directly and instantly purchase cryptocurrencies with credit or debit cards. However, these services often charge high fees and require users to have an external wallet.

Additionally, the exponential growth of the cryptocurrency industry has brought thousands of new cryptocurrencies aboard, making it far more complicated and overwhelming for new users. High risk, extreme volatility, and complex practicality of various cryptocurrency projects are approaching as reasons to avoid the industry/market.

Moreover, significant problems are now increasingly identified between experienced users and investors. The recent crash of the cryptocurrencies market has highlighted core problems underlying in the act of jumping into cryptocurrencies. Many new users failed to conduct thorough research and due diligence on projects, resulting in significant losses.

This highlighted that the fundamental requirements when it comes to acquiring cryptocurrencies have been rightfully ignored in accordance to the exponential growth. As a result, the act of forced ‘hodling’ of coins and tokens has impacted the decision-making processes of many existing users as with growing frustrations over their decreasing portfolio values. Poor decision-making process here involves gambling, withdrawing from the market at a loss, and using more than they can afford to lose on high-risk projects.

HODL: an act of holding onto purchased coins or tokens in hopes of significant increase in their values

Therefore, simplifying the complicated process of acquiring cryptocurrencies and aiding new users to build solid portfolios with a lock-in feature therefore, becomes increasingly important. Here is where the Cointorox Platform comes in as the ultimate solution, simplifying the world of cryptocurrencies.

Cointorox — The problems

The Problems

1. Complicated processes of purchasing cryptocurrencies
 * Finding a local online exchange supporting fiat deposits
 * Long time taken for ID verification process
 * Long bank transfer process 
 * Understanding the fees involved

2. Difficulty of selecting solid projects and building a reliable portfolio
 * Requires comprehensive understanding of the industry & technology
 * New investors are often in need of a comprehensive consultation service
 * High risks involved with fraudulent projects and consultants

3. The ‘Waiting Game’ of experienced investors or ‘HODLERs’
 * Increased frustration & anxiety resulting in poor decisions: gambling, investing more than they can afford to lose, and withdrawing from the market at a significant loss

The Solution

Cointorox is a comprehensive cryptocurrency platform offering various solutions.

  • Digital Piggy-bank
  • Faucet for Tokens
  • Airdrop Central
  • Cryptocurrency Merchandise Store
  • Blockchain and Browser Based Games

Faucet for Tokens

Remember the old days when there were hundreds of bitcoin faucets online? We are bringing back these memories with a twist! Ethereum based token projects will be able to list their tokens on the Cointorox Token Faucet. This will be a great platform for token projects to promote their projects whilst users can enjoy some free tokens. All listing fees are paid in OROX and they will be burned (destroyed).

Airdrop Central

To leverage our valued community consisting of many bounty and airdrop participants, Cointorox will feature an ‘AIRDROP CENTRAL’. The AIRDROP CENTRAL platform will be an all-in-one airdrop platform listing all trending airdrops under one single page.

Cryptocurrency Merchandise Store

Cointorox will feature an online store with hundreds of cryptocurrency related products. That’s right. You will be able to purchase products ranging from a simple cryptocurrency shirt to complex mining rigs all through a single click! Our aim is to create a service platform similar to Amazon Prime but for cryptocurrency related products and services only. OROX token will be accepted as a form of payment on all products and services.

Blockchain and Browser Based Games

Blockchain based games and non-fungible tokens are one of the hottest trends within the industry. Cointorox will feature smart contract based and simple browser based games which will feature OROX as an in-game currency/points. OROX holders will be able to use the tokens to purchase upgrades, items, theme, and other special features. OROX earned as such will be burned.

Digital Piggy-bank (Primary Platform)

The primary focus of the Cointorox ecosystem will be on the innovative digital piggy-bank powered by cryptocurrencies. The core mission and objective of the platform is to help simplify the process involved with purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Cointorox Packages provide users an opportunity to purchase well-regarded cryptocurrencies in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Cointorox Packages can be treated as a ‘digital piggybank’ where your savings are stored and handled in cryptocurrencies.

NOTE: Packages are not to be treated as investment opportunities or securities in any jurisdiction.

By purchasing the packages, users are granted specified cryptocurrencies and ‘Cointorox Token (OROX)’, a utility token on the Cointorox Platform. Each package contains distributed % of multiple cryptocurrencies (coins hand-picked by the Cointorox team to ensure users are purchasing well-regarded and relatively low-risk coins/tokens).

Types of Cointorox packages

Cointorox Token (OROX)

Cointorox token is an ERC20 token distributed on the Ethereum network. It is primarily used as a utility token on the Cointorox platform.

Cointorox Token (OROX)

Token Name: Cointorox

Token Symbol: OROX

Decimals: 18

Initial Supply: 10,000,000 OROX (10 million)

Total Supply: 10,000,000 OROX — Burned Tokens

Token Contract Address: will be updated upon the end of the token sale

*Total supply of the tokens will continuously decrease 
 — Unsold ITO tokens will be burned
 — Tokens used on the platform for feature activations will be burned

Cointorox (OROX) Distribution

Initial Token Offering (ITO)

Cointorox (OROX) Initial Token Offering

Utility of Cointorox Token (OROX)

You can enjoy the Cointorox packages in full by activating features with your OROX.

Cointorox (OROX) Utility

Lock-in Feature

All packages come with savings lock-in feature which can be activated upon request. Maximum lock-in period is 365 days (1 year) which means users will not be able to withdraw their savings for 365 days.

Break the Lock-in Feature

There may be days when you need funds and you can choose to break your lock-in lease. Please note that this feature may be costly! This is to encourage users to keep their savings in place.

Gift Feature

You can use the ‘Gift My Savings’ feature to transfer your savings to a new or existing user. By purchasing the ‘Gift My Savings’ product, you get a digital voucher which can be gifted to your friends or family. Your balances will be transferred to those who redeem the voucher.

Portfolio Re-assemble

If you do not like how your portfolio has been distributed, you can request for a change in the % of distributions (NOTE: Cointorox token distribution % is fixed permanently).

Withdraw Savings in USD

If you are not cryptocurrency-savvy and do not know how to withdraw and exchange coins, this is the perfect solution. Once you are ready to withdraw your savings, you can activate this feature and we will calculate your savings (coins) in USD. The calculated USD amounts will then be sent to your personal PayPal account. More options to be added in the future.

Unique Features of Cointorox Digital Piggy-bank

Cointorox — Business Sustainability

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